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Business, Management & Economics: Document Supply Service

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Document Supply Service

1. Search Locate, the Library catalogue for the item you require.


2. If it is not available in print or electronically, please use the Document Supply request tab on the Locate search page.

3. Fill out all the relevant details.

4. Accept the copyright declaration by clicking on 'I Agree'. 

5. Click on 'Save' to submit your request to the Document Supply Service. 

6. Once your request has been sent to another library, it cannot be cancelled.

If we don't have the item you require, a request will be sent to the British Library. 

The British Library provide 80% of our requested items.  If the British Library are unable to provide the item, we will search other UK libraries. 

Once we have found a library that holds the item, we will ask them to supply the item. 

Electronic copy: An email with a link to your document will be sent to your University email address. 

Print copy: On receipt we will loan the item to you for approximately 4-5 weeks, depending on the library that loaned it. 

The British Library supplies documents via a link in an email which will be forwarded to you. 

To access, open, view and download the document you will need to register with British Library On Demand. 

You are advised to register after you have made a request for a document rather than later when you urgently require it. 

The link to the article expires after 30 days so it is important that you claim your document as soon as possible. 

Please see our DRM Lite information guide

You may apply to the Document Supply Service for renewal of a book and the cost to you for this is £4.85.

You must contact the Document Supply Service to ask for a book renewal. The lending library reserves the right to recall the item or refuse to renew the book.


Books are usually renewed for 4-5 weeks depending on the lending library. 

All books are supplied subject to early recall by the lending library and must be returned as soon as recalled.

Please return all Document Supply books to the service desk. You will be issued with a receipt card as proof you have returned the book.

Do not use the Returns Machine; this does not check the book in and will not remove the item from your library record. 

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Document Supply Service

Lanchester Library
Coventry University
Gosford Street
Coventry, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7765 7520