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sigma: Statistics Worksheets

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Statistics and Probability Worksheets(Concepts and Calculations)

These worksheets can be worked through to give a sound grounding in Statistics work. Alternatively, one may be selected and used as a self-contained unit. The worksheets have been created as Word documents. These sheets are also all available in hard copy to work from within the Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre via our touchscreens.

Averages S1
Measures of Spread S2
Simple Index Numbers (Introduction) S3
Index Numbers: Linking two series S4
Index Numbers: Adjusting Prices S5
Probability 1 S6
Probability 2 S7
Expectation S8
Normal Distribution S9
Normal Distribution Exercises S10
Normal Distribution Further Exercises S11
Regression and Correlation S12
Binomial Distribution S13
Poisson Distribution S14
Running a Manual Z-test S15
Running a Manual T-test S16
Running a Manual Chi-Squared test S17
Running a Manual F-test (ANOVA) S18
Which test to use? S19
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