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sigma: Mechanics and Matlab

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Mechanics and Matlab

These worksheets can be worked through to give a sound grounding in Mechanics work and the software Matlab. Alternatively, one may be selected and used as a self-contained unit. The worksheets have been created as PDF documents. These sheets are also all available in hard copy to work from within the Mathematics and Statistics Support Centre by using our touchscreen computers. Please click on the Sheet Number you require.

Position and Displacement  E1
Velocity and Speed  E2
Acceleration  E3
Forces and Free-Body diagrams  E4
Friction  E5
Motion along an inclined plane  E6
Pulleys  E7
Newton's Laws of Motion and Differential Equations  E8
Momentum and Impulse  E9
Work, Energy, Power  E10
Introduction to Matlab 1  MT1a
Introduction to Matlab 2  MT1b
Simple Arrays and Plotting  MT2
Harder Arrays and Matrices  MT3
Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Symbolic Math Toolbox  MT4
Script and Function Files  MT5
Programming  MT6
Further Programming  MT7
Complex Numbers  MT8
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