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sigma: Appointments

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You should always use our Drop-In service first to see if your problem can be solved.

Appointment Information

  • We offer appointments both online and in-person for maths and stats.
  • Statistics appointments are aimed at students needing help with their dissertation.
  • You can book one appointment at a time (we may cancel any extra bookings you make).
  • Appointments are roughly 50 minutes long.
  • If a group of you are struggling with the same topic, you can all come together. One of you should book the appointment, and then you all attend.

If you have further questions, please see our FAQ's.

Do you need help booking an appointment? check our step by step guide:

Guide to Booking an Appointment


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The button below gives you access to book an appointment for either mathematics or statistics. Please make sure you select the correct advisor for the area you need help with.

Book Appointment


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