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PALS - Pre-Arrival Library Support: Printing & photocopying


Printing & Photocopying

Printing & photocopying

When you begin your course you will receive some free printing credits, which you can use to buy photocopies and printing. You can purchase more credits online, via the IT services webpage if you need to. Printing and photocopying are managed by IT services at Coventry University.

Costs for Printing and copying:

A4 Colour single sided: 20p
A4 Colour double sided: 20p
A4 Mono (Black & White) single sided: 06p
A4 Mono (Black & White) double sided: 10p
A3 Colour single sided: 20p

Printing Credits and how to purchase top ups
You will be issued with 2500 printer credits, which equates to £25.00 per academic year. If you need to purchase any additional credit you can do so by double clicking on the Follow Me icon on your desktop.

Where can I find printers and photocopiers in the library?

You will use the same machine to do printing and photocopying. These can be found on every floor in the library.

How do I print a document?

  • From your PC, send your document to print in the usual way, e.g. file, print. At this stage, select whether you want black and white, colour, single or double-sided or A3coursework. To seek help you can drop in to the centre, book an appointment or attend one of their workshops.
  • You can retrieve your printing from any printer in the library.
  • Login to the machine by placing your Phoenix card (this will be issued to you when you arrive) next to the green pad.

  • Using the touchscreen pad, press ‘Follow Me’, then ‘Print All’ or selected documents.



  • Print credits will be deducted from your account.

How do I make a photocopy?

  • Login to the photocopier using your Phoenix card.


  • To use the machine as a photocopier, select 'Copy’ from the touchscreen pad. You will now be able to make photocopies. Credits will be deducted from your account.


Further help and instructions can be found next to the printers/photocopiers, on the IT services webpage or ask at the enquiry desk on the second floor in the library and a member of staff will be happy to help.