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A short summary of a journal article, outlining what it is about, research methodology and findings.

Academic journal

Sometimes also referred to as a scholarly or peer reviewed journal, these journals contain articles of a high academic standard. Peer reviewed journals contain articles which have been reviewed by experts in their field before they can be published. The authors have proven knowledge and expertise in their subject area.


Academic Liaison Librarian

Each subject area has an Academic Liaison Librarian who can help you find information about your topic. They will show you how to search databases and other specialist material. You can book an appointment with your Librarian – contact details can be found on our Library Guides.

Article search

This tab on Locate will enable you to do a quick search to find journal articles. It will search across many databases and usually produces a lot of results. Use the headings in the panel on the left to refine your search. Not recommended for detailed searching, e.g. for a literature review. For a detailed search enter individual databases for your subject.

Ask A Librarian

An email enquiry service that is available via a link on Locate.

Automatic renewal

When you borrow a book it will give you a date of return. However, provided nobody places a request for the book we will automatically renew it for you. If the automatic renewal does not happen you will receive a courtesy notices reminding you to return it.
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