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(1) The term used to describe borrowing books, e.g. books are issued to you. Sometimes the term, ‘check-out’ may be used, e.g. on the self-issue machine.

(2) The smallest sub-division of a journal. Journals are divided into volumes, then issues. Issues could be published quarterly, monthly or weekly.


This means ‘in the same place’ and is used in references to mean a title that can be found in the same place as something has been previously cited. Not used in The CU Guide to Referencing in Harvard Style.

In process of cataloguing or classification

You may see this on Locate. It means we have received a new book in the library and it is being processed, so is not currently available for loan.

In process of preservation

You will see this on Locate. It means this book has been damaged and is being reviewed for possible repair.