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Scholarly journal

Sometimes also referred to as a scholarly or peer reviewed journal, these journals contain articles of a high academic standard. Peer reviewed journals contain articles which have been reviewed by experts in their field before they can be published. The authors have proven knowledge and expertise in their subject area.

SCONUL Access Scheme

This scheme will allow you access to other university libraries to use their print material. For more information go to the SCONUL Access website.

Self issue machine

These machines are located on the Ground Floor of the library and Floors 1 and 2 and will enable you to issue books to yourself. They can be used at any time when the library is open.

Shelf number

The number given on Locate to help you to find the book on the library shelves. Books about the same topic will have the same shelf number. Each book has the shelf number on a label on the spine of the book.


Known as sigma Mathematics Support Centre, it is located on the ground floor of the Library and provides help for students on any course who need to use mathematics or statistics in their studies.

Student Card

The card that you are issued with when you begin your studies at Coventry University. Use it to gain access to the Library, borrow books and use the print/copy/scan machines.

Study Skills Collection

Collection of books located on the Ground Floor, which can help with skills such as essay and report writing, doing research etc.

Subject librarian

Each subject area has a subject specialist who can help you find information about your topic. They will show you how to search databases and other specialist material. You can book an appointment with your subject librarian – contact details can be found on the Subject LibGuide page.
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