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Business, Management & Economics: Journal Articles

What are journal articles?

Journal articles are short papers, usually written on a narrow topic area. They are part of larger issues called journals, which are published on a regular basis.

Journal articles are a great resource to use. They will cover more specific topics and go into more detail than a textbook. They also usually contain more up to date and cutting edge research than books. Many journal articles also go through the process of peer review. Watch the video in the next box to find out what peer review is and how it acts as a an extra quality control step.

Resources to find journal articles

The resources listed below are journal article databases. Each database will cross-search 1000s of journals at once for you.

Each database covers a specific subject area or areas, this means you may get less results from your search but the articles will be more relevant to your area of study.

If you are unsure which database would be the best to use, hover your cursor over the name and it will give you more information.

Business Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Databases with an international focus

Use the search box below to search Google Scholar. Google Scholar is straightforward to use, and unlike regular Google will find scholarly material, including peer reviewed journal articles.

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What is peer review?

What if I can't find the full text of an article?

Document supply can be used to obtain any journal article, book, report etc that you cannot get access to through the library.

Use the form through the link below to request an item.

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