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Document Supply Service

Lanchester Library
Coventry University
Gosford Street
Coventry, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7765 7520


How do I request an item?
Items are requested online via the ‘Document Supply Request’ tab on the ‘Locate’ main search page. Fill out your details and the request details, click on ‘I agree’  to the Copyright Declaration and ‘Save’ and the request will be sent to our Docsupply email address. 

How much does it cost?
Although each request costs the library an average of £10.00, requests are free for students and staff. If the item you require is not available from any library but is available on the web, we can order it for you. The average cost of an article is £10.00, and the cost for a book/thesis is £14.65 if the item you require costs more than these amounts we ask that you pay the difference. If you agree we will request the item on your behalf and add the outstanding amount to your library record.

Document Supply requests subject to copyright?
Yes! If you are requesting a copy you may only request one whole article, chapter or paper or 10% whichever is the greater, from a single publication. If you need more than one article from a journal part it may be possible to lend the whole part. If you require more than one chapter from a book you can ask us to borrow the whole publication. If you are requesting a copy don't forget to read and sign the Copyright Declaration at the bottom of the request form. If you are emailing a request form to us as an attachment, it has to be emailed from your Coventry University email account.

Can I request a thesis?
Sometimes! We are able to borrow some UK PhD Theses. It depends on the lending criteria of the library that holds it. The British Library provide a service called Ethos, which supplies some UK digital Theses for free and some that require payment to obtain. Please ask the Document Supply staff for more information.
If we are able to supply a printed thesis it will be reference only, so be prepared to spend time in the library when you use it.

How long will my request take to arrive?
You should allow a week or more, although many requests are supplied more quickly than this (2-5 days).  It depends what format the document is in at the British Library.
If the British Library are not able to supply it within 5 days it may take another week or more, as we have to either wait for another person to return it to the BL or search other academic libraries for it. If the item is going to be delayed we will let you know, or you can ask for a progress report from the Document Supply team.

Where do I collect it from?
If you have requested a copy of an article, chapter or paper, you will be sent an email to your Coventry University email address. The email will contain a link to your document. The link has an expiry date of 30 days. You are required to register with the British Library On Demand (one time only) before you can access your document.  Books can be collected from the Service Desk on the Ground Floor of the Lanchester Library. We will notify you by email when a book arrives for you.

How long can I keep it?
E-Copies - print out and keep for up to 3 years. 
Loans - Usually we have them for five weeks. Renewals may be possible on items that aren't in heavy demand.

May I renew my book?

Books may be renewed at the discretion of the lending library. You will be charged £4.85 for each renewal. You must apply to the Document supply Service, preferably via email several days before it is due. Once a book is late you are charged £4.85 so please ensure you apply for a renewal with enough time to return the book if the renewal is declined.  

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Document Supply Service please contact the Document Supply team on

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