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Business, Management & Economics: Books

Searching for books

Books in the library are a good source of information and are great to introduce you to a topic, give you an overview and explain key theories and concepts. 

To  find the Essential and Recommended reading for your module, go to the Resource/Reading List on Moodle. From there you will be able to link directly to the book record on Locate and access electronic resources such as ebooks.

To search for books on Locate, enter the author's surname (family name) and one or two keywords from the title or search for your topic.

Use the link below to search Locate.




A lot of the books you will find through Locate will be ebooks. Ebooks can be accessed from anywhere you have a working wi-fi connection. Usually you have the option to read the book online, or download it. Often this will involve downloading an extra piece of software, or an app if you want to read the book on a mobile device.

New books