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Customer Services: Charges & Payment

Overdue Items

When you borrow any item from the library you will see that it has a due date. If any item is returned after its due date, we will make an overdue charge.

There are different overdue charges for different items. Overdue charges for books and audio-visual resources are shown below. Please see the tabs above for details of overdue charges for laptops and other items.

All users are responsible for ensuring the correct return of their loaned items. Check your library account regularly and, if you notice any discrepancies, please contact a member of library staff or email us as soon as possible.

Please make sure when returning any CD or DVD that the correct disk is in the case.

Laptop loans are for 4 hours maximum. Overdue fines on laptops are charged at £1 per hour or part hour.

To return a laptop correctly, it must be connected to the charging lead when placed back in the locker. You should always ensure the lead is firmly attached in order to register the return and clear the laptop loan from your library account.

You can request a return receipt after returning a laptop which will indicate if there is any problem with your return.

Terms and Conditions for Laptop Loans


  • Laptops are loanable to current Coventry University students on production of a valid ID card.
  • Laptops are only issued to students of ‘good standing’. This means the borrower must have no blocks on their card and must not owe fines exceeding £10.
  • Laptops are issued on a first-come, first-served basis; loan periods cannot be extended.
  • Laptops will be issued as a pack consisting of laptop, laptop case, charger and charging lead.
  • Laptops are for use within the Lanchester Library only. They cannot be removed from the building at any time.
  • Late returns will result in fines of £1 per hour (or part thereof).
  • Students should store their files on either their networked storage area eg H: or removable storage device, eg. a USB stick. Any files left on the hard disk of a laptop will be deleted when the student logs off.
  • Students are responsible for the safety and security of the laptop whilst it is on loan to them. In the event of the borrowed laptop being lost or stolen the borrower may be liable for the full cost of replacement, up to £600.
  • Students must report any existing faults with the borrowed laptop to the Library Welcome Desk immediately. If the borrowed laptop is returned damaged, or with any of the pack parts missing, the Library may raise an invoice for the full cost of replacement or repair up to £600.
  • The laptops run anti-virus software which is automatically updated. However the Library cannot be responsible for virus infections which spread to a student’s removable storage device. Students are advised to check such devices on reattaching to another computer.
  • Students who borrow a laptop should note that the software installed at the time of loan is licensed to the University for University educational purposes only and should not be copied, mis-used or transferred. Additional software may not be loaded onto the laptop and students must use laptops in accordance with the University’s IT Regulations.


All of the following can be loaned from the welcome desk. These items need to be returned at the desk and not via the returns machine.

Postgraduate Reading Room Locker key (for postgraduate students only)

Key is due back 23:59 the following day unless otherwise advised. No renewals allowed (if available, a key for a different locker may be loaned after the first is returned).

Overdue fine = £1 per day late.

VGA/HDMI lead pack for group study rooms

Pack due back at end of your booked study session (Maximum 2 hour loan).

Overdue fine = £1 per hour/ part hour late.

Light pad with clips/plug box

4 hour loan.

Overdue fine = £1 per hour/ part hour late.

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Borrowing entitlements

Borrowing entitlements

There are many resources available to you at Coventry University library including books, electronic books, journals, DVDs, videos and CDs. Most can be borrowed, but some are only available to use within the library (reference only).

You can borrow up to 20 items including books, DVDs or CDs

There is no charge to borrow items, but if you return them after the due date you will need to pay an overdue chage.


Type of resource Type of loan Length of loan period Overdue charges
Books Standard 3 weeks 20p per book per day
Books One week 1 week 50p per book per day
Books Reference Cannot be borrowed – for use in library only
Books (folio) Can be either standard, one week or one day loan
DVDs One week I week £1 per item per day
Video One week 1 week £1 per item per day
CD One week 1 week 50p per item per day
Print journals Reference only Cannot be borrowed – for use in library Cannot be borrowed – fines do not apply
Laptops 4 hour loan 4 hours £1.00 per hour or part of hour
VGA/HDMI cable 2 hour loan 2 hours £1.00 per hour or part of hour
PG Room locker key 24 hour loan 24 hours £1.00 per hour or part of hour
Portable DVD Player 4 hour loan 4 hours £1.00 per hour or part of hour
Digital Voice Recorder 1 week loan 1 week 50p per day
Light box 4 hour loan 4 hours £1.00 per hour or part of hour


How do I find out how much I owe?

You can check your account at any time where you will be able to see your charges listed. (Access your account via Locate, at the self -serve issue machines or you can ask a member of library staff to look at your account for you). 


On the 2nd day of each month, the library system automatically sends an email to all users who have overdue items and/or outstanding charges. If you have any overdue item, the total amount you owe will not be calculated until that item is returned.


Please note, return receipts do not show the amount of charges incurred when items are returned late (any amount shown on a receipt is a pre-existing charge already on your account). You need to check your account to get your current balance.

How can I pay charges?

You can pay library charges with a debit or credit card. Options to pay are as follows:

  • Pay at the self-service borrow machines on the ground floor anytime during library opening hours (part-payment option is only available at a borrow machine).
  • Pay at the welcome desk during staffed hours (8:00 to midnight Monday - Sunday). 
  • Pay over the telephone - call 024 7765 7555 during staffed hours.

Online payments for library debts can be made via the University's Finance department if visiting or telephoning the library is problematic for you (e.g. you are out of the country). The online payment page can be found at

Web Payments

(select Quick Pay and the 'Library - student' (or staff) under account type).

IMPORTANT: The University's library and finance systems are not linked. If you make a library payment online you need to send proof of payment to the library separately or the amount will not be cleared from your account.

Is there a deadline for paying?

Once charges on your library account reach £10, all further activity on your account is blocked i.e. you will not be able to borrow or renew any items until the amount is paid or reduced to under the £10 limit.

In accordance with wider University policy, all outstanding debts must be settled before graduation.